Taniwha Walking

About us

Taniwha Walking is owned  and operated by Kristin and James Nepia. James has been offering professional socialisation services as Kuri Companion since 2013 with Kristin joining the business in 2018.

Pack walk and train service

Taniwha walking operates in the 

Wairarapa region.

Price - $55 per walk (this includes the mandatory pick up and drop off service)


We offer a pack walking socialisation service on Fridays in the Wairarapa Region. We use basic obedience training to teach dogs real world skills and impulse control in a safe and structured setting. We are looking for new dogs to join our walking pack on Fridays.


Before we include any new dog they first need to be assessed for their suitability to the service. We do this in a meet and greet so we can meet the dog in their own home environment and you can meet us. This will sometimes involve one of our own dogs.


We are really looking forward to bringing our work to the Wairarapa Region and getting to explore more of this wonderful place we now call home. We have lived in Masterton since December 2019 and are really looking forward to meeting new people and dogs.

For all enquires please email